October 1, 2007

Another Vodka Review.

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I can hear it now.

“Yo, Jimbo, yet another vodka review? You pick weird, clear booze off the shelf and tell us how great it is. We’re beginning to think you would give gutter water a good review.”

It is true that I have written before about several kinds of vodka such as:

Three Olives Chocolate Vodka;
Three Olives Vanilla Vodka;
Finlandia Mango Infusion Vodka;
Thor’s Hammer Vodka;
Iceberg Vodka; and
Pearl Vodka (I may have missed one or two).

But, a week or so ago, I bought a bottle of Stolichnaya Zinamon (Cinnamon) vodka. I figured, what the hell. Who doesn’t like cinnamon? I brought it home and put it in the freezer for an hour or so. I then poured the ice cold liquor over ice (clear, of course) anticipating a genuine taste treat for an evening cocktail on the deck.

With eager anticipation, I took a long pull on the freezing, crystal clear evening elixir.

ACK! In my mind, there I was, seven years old and sitting in the dentist chair.

The stuff tastes like this.

I cannot recommend this one, unless you wish to combine the exquisite pleasure of an after-work cocktail with a bracing pie hole full of mouthwash.

Of course, over the course of several days, I managed to choke down the contents of the bottle (one doesn’t waste vodka), but I won’t be buying it again. Interestingly, Wikipedia states that Stoli Zinamon is no longer sold in the U.S. Apparently, my liquor store didn’t get the memo.

Bonus information: If you go to the Stolichnaya web site and watch the very very, very Russian ad, you will learn that the booze is not pronounced “Stol-itch-NAY-a,” but rather “Stol-ITCH-naya.” Interestingski.

How About Those Mets?

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The Mets’ end-of-season collapse really doesn’t even nudge my Give-a-Shit Meter, except that I would like to have seen the Yankees kick their asses in the Series.

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