October 21, 2007

Kin ye help this Laddie?

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At the outset, let me make this clear. I wouldn’t walk from here to the bathroom to see Bon Jovi (Yeah, even though he’s a Jersey Guy). His music doesn’t move me, and his politics make me want to barf.

Having said that, I received the following comment to this 2004 post from a fellow in Scotland named Gary. Seems like a decent lad and his intentions are, as they say, honorable. If anyone out there (especially youse Jersey Peeps) has any information that might be helpful to Gary, please e-mail it directly to him at the address provided in the comment.

Hi there, no one made a comment in a while, so I hope people are still reading this. My girlfriend and myself are going to Bon Jovi’s concert in New Jersey next month. We are travelling from Scotland, we’ve been to a few concerts and they have all been fantastic but to hear him in New Jersey is my girlfriends dream, and to be honest Im looking forward to it. The thing is as this has been one of her life time ambitions and I managed to get tix on net I have decided to propose to her on the trip. Would love to be able to contact Jon himself to say. The song “summer time” off his new album really sums up our relationship and you would think he knew us when he wrote the words. Guess I just would like to say – if anyone has Jon’s address in New Jersey could they email me it please. No hoaxes or time wasters please. Would love to take her to see his house and propose there, or at the concert. But would love to send him a thank you card. Anyone? My email is gquayle_007@hotmail.com Thank you.


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