December 2, 2004

Corzine Makes it Official (Be Still My Heart).

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Jon Corzine, currently serving his first term as one of New Jersey’s US Senators, today made his intentions to run for New Jersey Governor official. Given the news of the past several months, this announcement came as a surprise to no one, with possible exception of those few Garden Staters who may have awakened today from a sustained, deep coma.

The announcement came at a time when Richard Codey has been in the Governor’s job for just slightly more than two weeks, after having succeeded Jim McGreevey (everyone knows about him) on November 15th. Dick Codey, who has never officially stated his intentions of running for the office in 2005, nevertheless has been busy acting like a guy who wants to keep the job.

A couple of Republicans have announced their candidacy as well. There is Bret Schundler, former Mayor of Jersey City, and former unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate against Jim McGreevey. Also running is Doug Forrester, a conservative businessman, who ran for Senate against Robert Torricelli, but who lost his election bid when former US Senator Frank (the Cadaver) Lautenberg parachuted into the race with the blessing of the New Jersey Supreme Court, after it was clear that Robert Torricelli was too much of a crook to be elected even in Jersey. Doug Forrester has already bought a brain-numbing amount of radio time pitching himself as the “Reform Candidate.”

In my view, the republicans are pissing in the wind. Bret Schundler, who would probably be an excellent Governor, has no shot in this state. The last time he ran, he was tarred by democrats for being pro-life (as if any Governor could somehow overturn Roe v. Wade) and for being soft on gun control. (In the Garden State, it’s a well-established rule that only the criminals carry guns.) By contrast, Doug Forrester’s problem is that he is about as interesting as a dial tone.

Therefore, the Governor’s gig is Corzine’s for the asking, despite his completely lackluster performance as a US Senator, unless, of course, this year Dick Codey comes off as a Super-Governor and really make a palpable difference in the politics-as-usual in this state. Although I wish Mr. Codey well, I’ve lived in Jersey long enough to know better.

In announcing his candidacy today at a news conference held at Newark’s Gateway Center, Jon Corzine said,

As governor, I hope to make New Jersey one of the best places to live, to work, to go to school, to start a business, to grow old with dignity, to set a new standard of excellence.

I cannot help but wonder whether, before announcing such optimistic plans, Mr. Corzine, the multi-millionaire, bothered to walk a few hundred steps outside the front door of the Gateway Center to look at the real Newark. It’s more of the same old crap.

I say, why even bother with the sound and fury of political campaigns that will ultimately signify nothing in this state. It would be simpler, more cost-efficient and easier on the ears just to coronate Corzine next November and go on about our business in this state, which has become a national joke.

Updated to correct a screaming typo in the title that went completely unnoticed. Damned rum medicine.

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