December 21, 2004

Engagement Photos.

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I notice that it has become the custom (at least in these parts) for engaged couples to place a photo of themselves in the local paper. In my day (a hundred or so years after the last dinosaur threw the sixes) only the woman’s picture was placed in the local newspapers. The headline always read, “Troth Told,” as if that made any damned sense to anyone. I must confess that when I was very young (much too young to have been betrothed), I had thought that “Troth” was a typo, and that the headline should have read “Truth Told,” not that that would have made any damned sense either.

Anyway, back to today.

The photos of the engaged couples are often informal and show the man and woman tastefully dressed and posed in such a way that makes it clear that they are romantically involved. However, the other day, I saw an engagement photo in which the man needed a shave and was wearing a baseball cap turned backwards. The woman was wearing a tee shirt and looked like she did her hair with an eggbeater. It was clear that this was not a candid photo, but rather was one that they (or someone else) paid a professional photographer to shoot in a studio. I can only assume that the couple thought they looked sharp. I thought they looked like slobs who lacked a basic understanding of the “time and place” rule.

Then again, the troth is that maybe I’m just becoming an old fart.

The Blog Novella Kicks Ass.

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I have been keeping up with the Blog Novella that was begun by Christina at Feisty Repartee. Five of the six planned chapters have been completed by the following amazing writers:

Chapter One — Christina at Feisty Repartee

Chapter Two – Eric at Straight White Guy

Chapter Three – Rob at Gut Rumbles

Chapter Four – Jack at Random Fate

Chapter Five – Velociman at Velociworld

This has developed into a helluva story, due completely to the creativity and obvious talent of those who have contributed. I salute them.

The Final Chapter will be written by Mr. Helpful. Very tough assignment you drew there, Mr. H.

So, get yourself a cup of coffee or something stronger, and read the first five chapters. You won’t be sorry, and, like me, you’ll be anxious to read the Final Chapter.

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