December 11, 2004

Zippered in Athens.

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As I write this, a clutch of my Jawja Blogger Buddies are in the process of getting hammered in Athens, Georgia. I wish I were there. I could use a bit of pickin’, grinnin’ and a cocktail or three with them all.

As Dax would say, “Just damn!”

Light Extravaganza.

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I was just outside undergoing a special part of the annual Christmas torture putting up Christmas lights. As compared to some of the zillion watt displays in the neighborhood, mine is downright skimpy considerably smaller, but quite fetching nonetheless.

The lights are all purplish-pink, the kind one normally only sees in Cape May, New Jersey. You can’t buy those babies up here, and they are even difficult to find in the stores in Cape May (the residents must all go to a secret store), so I went online and found them.

You’ll know the house when you see it, not only because of the purplish-pink lights, but also because of the traffic jam I expect will result on the Parkway, as people flock to the Extravaganza.

A couple more hours of Christmas-related drudgery fun, and it will time for cocktails.


A Favor.

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My friend Craig is asking for a favor. When the Nicest Guy in the Blogosphere asks for a favor, I snap to. Anyway, December 11th (that would be today) is Craig’s wife’s birthday. In that regard, he (and, therefore, I) ask that you take a moment to send a birthday wish to Mrs. Craig at He, I, and she would appreciate it very much.


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