December 9, 2004

Blogger Sighting – Glenn Reynolds.

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Earlier today I actually saw the Tallest Dog in the Blogosphere, the Big Kahuna himself, Glenn Reynolds, the InstaPundit. I saw him as I entered the smallish but brightly lit room. He was looking at the wall opposite him, and appeared not to have noticed me.

Nevertheless, I realized that this could be my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak to the Ultimate Blogmeister:

Jimbo: “Holy Crap! You’re Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit!!! Lawyer and Law Professor, right? That is sooooo cool. I’m a lawyer too! Really! No kidding! This is so cool; I can’t believe it. Oh, and you’re a guitar player! I know that, because I read you all the time. I play guitar too!! You brother is in a rock band. I read that too!! I played drums for years in a rock band!! Isn’t that wild? If you and your bro ever feel like jammin’ I could lay in the drum part, or play some guitar. I’d be happy to do that. And your blog….Wow!! A gazillion hits per day. That is really terrific. I have a blog too. I’m Jim from Parkw……”

Glenn: (turns head in my direction) “Can’t you see I’m trying to take a leak here?”

Jimbo: “Oh, sorry. Never mind.”

Glenn: (resumes looking straight ahead) Heh. Indeed.

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