December 7, 2004

Big Stuff.

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I have always been drawn to works of art that depict things bigger than they are in real life. For example, I have always been drawn to sculptures like this one in Philadelphia, and I grew up just a short ride from this larger-than-life statue of a woman. I hope someday to get to see this.

It is, therefore, not surprising that I would be a fan of the Discovery Channel’s series called “Big” even though the only episode I have so far seen involved the construction of a 31 foot electric guitar, which was built to scale from a 60’s vintage “Red Rocket” guitar (click on “guitar” box and tabs). It boasts having the world’s largest pickup, which was constructed by the guitar pickup guru, Seymour Duncan (check out the photos of the building of the pickup).

Of course, being a bit of a goofy bastard, thinking about all these “Big” things got me to wondering how big a suppository for an elephant would have to be. I figure that it would probably be about this big.

That constitutes today’s peek into the serpentarium inside my cruller.

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