December 5, 2004

I Missed It!!

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Computer raspberry.jpgOn November 27th, without my having noticed, this blog became two years old.

In trying to think of something to say on this most inauspicious of occasions, I checked back to see what I said on the one-year anniversary of this undertaking. It turns out that everything I said then still applies, except that I am even more grateful for the number of times folks have stopped by here for a while (92,000+) and for the hours of wonderfully entertaining, and informative reading my fellow bloggers have shared with the world, including my small piece of it.

One thing that made this year special was the chance to actually meet some of you in person. Not surprisingly, what you read, is what you get in person. Accordingly, a special thanks to Eric, Rob, Velociman, Dax, Kelley, Key, Laughing Wolf, Aubrey, Zonker, Catfish, Denny, Geoff and Gordon, and Mammamontezz. Great people, all.

Finally, a very special thanks to Craig, my Montana pal, who keeps this place running and who always, always has time to lend a hand and the patience to deal with Jimbo, the cyber-dolt.

Again, thank you all so very much.


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HMO enema.jpg

Thanks to my friend Bill from Missouri, a Navy Vet.

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