December 29, 2004

End-of-Year Linkage.

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links.gifIt’s time to make some major additions to Mr. Blogroll. The two Montanans, David of “Better Living Through Blogging” and “karbonkountymoos,” as well as Teresa of “Technicalities,” are long-time reads and are long overdue. The others are more recent discoveries, but I find myself repeatedly using my bookmarks to read them, so up they go.

Here are the new additions:

Better Living Through Blogging



The Boiling Point

Feisty Repartee

Fistful of Fortnights

Caught in the X Fire


Peoria Pundit
I am certainly not the first to observe that there are too many good blogs and too little time. I would like to read every single blog on Mr. Blogroll every day, but that would leave little time for writing, and after all, writing is at least half the fun.

I am thinking that one way to make the process more efficient is to add one of those features that tells me when a site has been updated. Any suggestions? I would prefer suggestions that even a cyber-doofus I can implement.

Ben Stein Gets It.

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Read Gratitude.

via doubleplusgood infotainment

He’s Baaaaaack!

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Velociman has returned to the blogosphere after a short stay at the Laughing Academy, where he was supplied with a clutch of “chill pills,” but happily not with an attitude adjustment.

How about a fanfare? No?

A drumroll? No?

OK then. May we have a beer belch, please?

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