December 12, 2004

Loathsome Shrew.

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Eleanor Clift.jpgThis morning I found myself wondering if there is anyone more strident and annoying than this loudmouthed, obnoxious dizzball.** She manages to make my hair and my teeth hurt all at the same time.

**Of course, there is always Hillary. However, while she is every bit as strident and annoying as Eleanor Clift, Hillary is not a dizzball. Rather, she is one dangerous, Machiavellian bitch. And those are her good points.

Five Years…….YOWZA!!!

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Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind has been blogging for five years. After having done this for a couple of years, and knowing what it takes, I have the utmost respect for this blogger and for his blog. In addition, I am kicking myself in the pants for having essentially lost his site amid the legions of blogs that I have bookmarked but don’t visit as often as I would like. I’m fixing that today by placing this excellent blog on Mr. Blogroll for regular reading.

Thanks, and I am looking forward to the next five.

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