December 18, 2004

A Tale of Two Socks.

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sock.jpgAs many of you know, I am A Laundry Guy. Indeed, I am downright proud of my laundry acumen, which took years to acquire. However, occasionally even an expert runs into an unanticipated problem.

It seems that a week or so ago I accidentally tossed a medium-brown, Gold-Toe sock in with the whites (which means exposing a normally cold-water item to hot water and bleach). When I discovered my mistake, I compared the mustard-colored result of my screw up with its mate, and they looked nothing alike. The mustard color wasn’t bad looking, and, besides, I like the feel of these socks, so I didn’t want to throw them away (and be forced to admit to myself that the Laundry Guy made a mistake). Therefore, I decided to toss the mate in with an upcoming load of whites to produce another mustard-colored sock, thereby creating a pair of “new” socks.

So, the next time I did whites, in went the medium-brown sock, as I congratulated myself on being a seriously sharp Laundry Guy. Well, as you may have guessed, now I have one mustard-colored sock, and one medium-brownish – mustard-coloredish sock. They still don’t farookin’match. Not enough bleach? Most annoying.

However, I have not given up. I have just now tossed the medium-brownish – mustard-coloredish sock into yet a new load of whites, and I am anxiously awaiting the result of this bit laundry derring-do.

A Laundry Guy appreciates an occasional challenge.

Update: Success!! I now have a pair of mustard colored socks. I am a Gorilla-Stompin’ Laundry Guy.

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